The God Who Smokes By Timothy J. Stoner

The subtitle is ‘Scandalous Meditations on Faith’. First of all, can you believe the author’s name. He actually has a great sense of humour about it which is very cool. This book is one that can definitely go in the ‘Christianity’ section but it is so much more than a run of the mill Christian Living book. I studied this book in a book club this summer with some amazing women and we used some alliteration to summarize: conflict, confusion and covenant. This just scratches the surface. Stoner shows us his love. He is a great wordsmith. He speaks of doctrine using commonplace words so as not to talk over our collective heads without being patronizing or demeaning. He faces some of the controversy within Christianity but we discover a burning passion that unites us all i.e. The God Who Smokes. One of the ladies quoted the little phrase: unity in the essentials, mercy in non-essentials and grace in all things. This truly epitomizes this man’s writing. He is smart, emotional and writes a blend of theology and creativity that is wonderful to read. He shows he is real, deep, tender, mournful and articulate. All I have to add is, can we say worldview?