The Vintage Caper By Peter Mayle

The author of A Good Year and A Year in Provence has a new one out. He again sets most of the book in France but this is somewhat of a mystery as opposed to just prose. There are fun characters and an engaging storyline along with some great descriptions of wines as well as food. In California an arrogant and wealthy man collects wine. Lots of it. Solely as a status symbol, maybe, because we find out he loves the attention he gets after agreeing to an article that runs in publications worldwide. Suddenly he’s a superstar and loving every moment of it too. But then he gets ripped off. You know this is going to happen because of the title so I’m not ruining anything. He immediately contacts his insurance company saying they owe him $3 million and, naturally, they have to investigate. I have to say I am a little envious of Mayle and his lifestyle. He lives and writes in France and if his previous books are anything to go on he has quite a laugh while he’s at it. Bravo Monsieur et encore.