The Prodigal God – Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith By Timothy Keller

When I first read the parable of the prodigal son I always felt more drawn to the older brother. Conventional wisdom told me that I was wrong and that the story is about the younger brother. Well Mr. Keller has helped me further define it all. It is a story about redefining sin, hope and longing for home. Ultimately it is about the Gospel. This is a great book and maybe even a group study. It is not a hard book to read but it may be hard to digest sometimes and it would behoove you to mull it rather than just flip through as I am wont to do. Definite thumbs up.

Effortless Style By June Ambrose

Which pair of jeans looks best on your figure? What basics should I have in my wardrobe? Can I wear animal print?

Stylist Ms. Ambrose answers all these questions and more in a short and easy to read book. She has the resume to prove she knows what she’s talking about including dressing many of today’s movie and television stars. Her chapters include defining your style, accessorizing and even organizing your wardrobe (mine is colour coded right now – what can I say, it just works for me). The book includes many drawings but I would have liked some photos and not necessarily of famous people just a better idea with some more visual cues. Well worth the read though especially if you are in a style rut of any kind.