Sycamore Row By John Grisham

I never read ‘A Time to Kill’. It was published around the time I had at least one little girl at home and the beginning of the book made me quite ill. I rarely start and book without finishing it – so that one stands out in my mind. I never saw the movie either. The injustice of racial bias makes me feel quite useless – regardless of where it is coming from. I understand that slavery began way before us Brits made use of it. The Egyptians built pyramids using slaves. Thankfully throughout history there have been people who have literally risked their lives to try to end these practices. Continue reading “Sycamore Row By John Grisham”

The Litigators By John Grisham

Now I am pretty sure everyone who reads has an opinion about Mr. Grisham. His novels were becoming a little too pat, predictable and not quite as exciting as the formidable Firm of many years ago. You have to admit that was a brilliant, nail biting, sleezy and fast paced novel. He kind of churned them out after the third or fourth epic and then came the Street Lawyer which I personally think was a reflection of how Mr. Grisham really felt about the business he had trained in many years before. I like how he writes. It is easy to read and has the lovely good guy and bad guy scenarios. Which brings me to latest and greatest novel, namely ‘The Litigators’. Continue reading “The Litigators By John Grisham”

The Confession By John Grisham

How do you feel about executions? You will find yourself on one side of this debate or another after reading this book. The accused is on death row for a murder he didn’t commit – but isn’t that what they all say? This is a very compelling book and I think Mr. Grisham’s views are quite obvious but what it doesn’t take into consideration is the victim’s family. Continue reading “The Confession By John Grisham”

Ford County By John Grisham

Another great book from Grisham; this time seven short stories all set around Ford County, Mississippi. The stories include some crooks, some lawyers, and some just plain foolish folk but all become quite endearing as you read on. A mark of a good story is when you find yourself rooting for one or another of the characters and this book is no exception to that. Many times I found myself wanting someone to get the money or to get away with a crime even. Seldom do I read short stories but because of its author I picked this one up and was not disappointed. Grisham gets a lot of good press but there is a reason for that; he is very good at what he does.