4th of July By James Patterson

This is the fourth installment in the women’s murder club series. Yet another bizarre set of circumstances face the cop, medical examiner and reporter but they are joined with a set of lawyers this time. To say that the police see the ugly side of life would be a serious understatement if you read any kind of crime drama. Lindsay is caught in the middle of a situation where she is accused of killing and maiming a couple of children although they did try to kill her first. How can such innocents be guilty of what she and her partner have accused them of? Can kids of such privilege really be held accountable for these crimes? Maybe they were just bored with having it all – whatever it leaves a yucky taste in your mouth regardless. Meanwhile we stumble upon another crime in another town where Lindsay is supposed to be recuperating. Seemingly unconnected couples are being murdered and there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Not necessarily so as you will find out.