The Impossible Dead By Ian Rankin

This is the next book in the life of Malcolm Fox – he of the office of the Complaints or Internal Affairs that seeks to keep the police force’s noses clean. Fox and his team are called out to investigate allegations against a copper who had been prosecuted for taking favours from girls instead of nicking them (booking them). When they actually arrive the accused, Paul Carter, has already been found guilty and was awaiting discipline. Continue reading “The Impossible Dead By Ian Rankin”

The Complaints By Ian Rankin

In the United States this department is called I.A. or Internal Affairs. The Complaints Department deals with the force and any suspicions against them. No one in the Police Force particularly likes Complaints. They are seen as snitching and snooping on those who keep the peace. This is Ian Rankin’s first story after his enormously successful Detective Rebus’ retirement. He wrote those in chronological order and retired him when he would have been of age. So now we meet Malcolm Fox. His job is to investigate fellow officers. Continue reading “The Complaints By Ian Rankin”

The Falls By Ian Rankin

I am not quite sure when this book was written but it was a while ago – I just hadn’t read it yet. This mystery has a certain eerie quality to it which I am not usually fond of but, because Rankin is a master of weaving stories, was very enjoyable. The beginning of the book has us meet a university student who is worried because his girlfriend has gone missing. We immediately think the worst, because this is a murder mystery, but there is no body. Continue reading “The Falls By Ian Rankin”