Blue Murder

So browsing around the library in the DVD section one Friday I happened upon this series. Because it is an English detective/drama I was drawn to it, I admit, but it is fantabulous! Basic premise of this murder mystery series is our copper, Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis has three kids at home, finds out her husband is messing around on her (yes that is what I mean), and major crime is not stopping in Manchester. Continue reading “Blue Murder”

Garden State

Garden State is a movie focuses on a young man named Andrew (played by Zach Braff) who goes home to New Jersey, after being away for nine years, for his mother’s funeral. He is an actor in California now but not at all happy. He describes himself as being numb. He doesn’t experience any joy and is just going through the motions. His trip home is a myriad of thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Garden State”

Me Without You

Me Without You is a movie is set in England about two girls who grow up together in the suburbs. One is a bright Jewish girl, Holly, whose mother constantly tells her that the world is full of girls who are either pretty or smart and she is the latter. Interestingly, this part is played by Michelle Williams who does a superb job with her voice and accent. The other girl, Marina, is from a family where her parents are in the middle of a divorce and the mother is rather free with her opinions and lifestyle with her two children – she has an older son as well. Continue reading “Me Without You”