Idols of the Heart By Elyse Fitzpatrick

The subtitle of this book is learning to long for God alone. When I think of idols I personally think of all the beautiful temples in SE Asia. People flock to these for comfort and reassurance but also they are teeming with tourists such as me at the time. I never thought I had a problem with idols as this is what I thought they were, stone or metal images. How misguided we can be. Elyse opens up many different areas we can love ‘with all our heart and mind’ but also brings us back to what is real and true and also important. We may only think of God in a box on one side of our lives and the rest in another but that is not how it is to be. The last chapter is titled ‘delighting in God’ which is hard at various stages of our lives but to quote a very wise prophet ‘how now shall we live?’ We are to have a worldview that encompasses all. This is a very easy to read book but sometimes not so easy to digest. Recommended with many stars or thumbs up, whatever your preference.

What Color is your Parachute? 2009 edition by Richard N. Bolles

I know this is an oldie but he does update every year. I read through this yesterday and found it quite helpful. The main thing I came away with…do what you are passionate about! Wow – what a concept. I tell my kids this all the time. You can make it work financially especially if you are genuinely content. Have I taken my own advice? We shall see about that but it has given me very different food for thought. In today’s weird market, which he addresses, we have lay-offs as well as daily changes in technology. Are we prepared? Do we need to change direction? Definitely a good place to either start or to add to your own personal continuing education.