Pujols: More Than The Game By Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth

My husband is a huge baseball fan. I, via osmosis, have come to enjoy the game – mostly. OK so I can keep up and read or do a crossword simultaneously. I read biographies occasionally and found that I would probably enjoy this one. I like to hear about people who proclaim their faith and actually do something with their wealth instead of just spending more on sex, drugs and alcohol or whatever floats their boat. Silly me – when there are people hurting in first world countries and we are obsessed with knowing what celebrities are doing I find that a little obnoxious – let alone other places where hurt is rampant. Continue reading “Pujols: More Than The Game By Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth”

Lead for God’s Sake By Todd Gongwer

SOOOO this book was recommended by a friend who literally was having a hard time putting it down and was weeping on and off throughout. I thought – lovely, let’s have some of that! Firstly I have to say I come with a whole lot of cynicism and read a lot of management and encouragement books and so maybe come from a different place from a lot of you. The premise of the book is a little overdone I think in today’s self-help environment. Continue reading “Lead for God’s Sake By Todd Gongwer”

A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus By Tim Elmore

Judging by the title you know this is a book aimed at helping prune leaders through schools, colleges etc. but I challenge that and say it could be used in just about any environment. Mr. Elmore talks not only about traditional ideas of leadership but also what it can and does mean to so many more people. How many people would never call themselves a leader and yet Continue reading “A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus By Tim Elmore”

TrueFaced By Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch

The theme of this book, I think, is: Trust God and others with who you really are.

This is not your ordinary Christian Living book. I was recommended this book by several different people and some of them hadn’t even read it through. As I said the theme is trust. We find ourselves at a crossroads in our lives where we have to decide whether or not to please God or to trust Him. Continue reading “TrueFaced By Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch”