Therapy By Jonathan Kellerman

I cannot believe I have gone this far in my life and not read a Kellerman novel. I was visiting my mom recently and she had this on her bookshelf. She picks up older novels at places like WH Smiths, two for a tenner, to read. She had read this one ages ago and so I picked it up. I had been hearing about these books for years but never really sought one out which is ridiculous really but anyway. While this book is rather large the story never really lags. We start off with the hero, psychologist Alex Delaware and his cop friend, Milo Sturgis, having dinner when they receive a call about a crime scene. Sturgis offers to take the case as he has been bored lately and needs a challenge. I can relate, you know. Continue reading “Therapy By Jonathan Kellerman”

The Inquisitor’s Key By Jefferson Bass

Only when I had read the whole book and then the slip cover did I realize that these books are collaboration between two men – their surnames being Jefferson and Bass. Not only a clever idea but a very catchy name too. One is a forensic anthropologist and the other a writer. They do a fabulous job together and the other thing I didn’t realize was that this is their seventh Body Farm book. I will now be going back and reading them from the beginning.

This novel is a story that takes place in the present but also the past. We go between the 14th Century as well as modern day. As you can imagine from the title, the Catholic Church is involved to quite a degree as well. Some bones have been found in France Continue reading “The Inquisitor’s Key By Jefferson Bass”

The Leopard By Jo Nesbo

This mystery begins with two victims, young women, who are found murdered in Oslo. They had drowned, in their own blood. Charming start right. Jo Nesbo keeps on coming up with these extraordinary serial killer stories. I don’t know if that’s brilliant or just extremely creepy. As these murders are publicized by the media the heat gets turned up for the police. Continue reading “The Leopard By Jo Nesbo”

The Impossible Dead By Ian Rankin

This is the next book in the life of Malcolm Fox – he of the office of the Complaints or Internal Affairs that seeks to keep the police force’s noses clean. Fox and his team are called out to investigate allegations against a copper who had been prosecuted for taking favours from girls instead of nicking them (booking them). When they actually arrive the accused, Paul Carter, has already been found guilty and was awaiting discipline. Continue reading “The Impossible Dead By Ian Rankin”