12 Day Body Shaping Miracle By Michael Thurmond

Sounds too good to be true? A lot of what Thurmond (of Extreme Makeover fame) writes makes a lot of sense. As far as the 12 days goes ā€“ who knows. The only examples he gives of those who have achieved in such a small amount of time are very young ladies and I for one know as each decade rolls on weight loss and fitness become a different matter. He only had a very limited time on the show as well and he definitely got results. They also had nutritionists working with them as well as trainers along side them but there was improvement and Iā€™m not sure about their time lines. What I like about the book is a questionnaire defining your body type and then exercises to fit your type as well as menus and recipes. The exercises are shown in picture form which is extremely helpful. Free weights and bands are all the equipment you need, oh and some discipline and will power. My advice ā€“ take it a week at a time ā€“ anyone can do that, right?