Juliet, Naked | By Nick Hornby

Another winner from Mr. Hornby. Many of his books are made into movies for a good reason – he writes great stories. This one is set in a little seaside town in England where we meet an unmarried couple, Annie and Duncan. Duncan has an unhealthy obsession with an American musician who hasn’t recorded in ages. He blogs with a few others who feel the same way about the music and Annie just seems to go along with it – for years. One day they have an argument about the music which effectively ends their relationship and Annie actually starts writing to the artist online, without Duncan having a clue about what is going on. As is typical of Hornby’s writing, this is another intelligent book with great character development throughout.

Ford County By John Grisham

Another great book from Grisham; this time seven short stories all set around Ford County, Mississippi. The stories include some crooks, some lawyers, and some just plain foolish folk but all become quite endearing as you read on. A mark of a good story is when you find yourself rooting for one or another of the characters and this book is no exception to that. Many times I found myself wanting someone to get the money or to get away with a crime even. Seldom do I read short stories but because of its author I picked this one up and was not disappointed. Grisham gets a lot of good press but there is a reason for that; he is very good at what he does.

Twenties Girl By Sophie Kinsella

Having read all that Ms. Kinsella has written I picked this up with relish. These are not deep books which is great. I would love to be able to write like this. Great beach read would be a way to describe this one. Any fans of Kinsella’s work will immediately recognize a similar pattern in her characters as well as where the story will go. It doesn’t matter – it is a fun and easy to read book. Twenty something Lara is living in somewhat of a rut when her great aunt Sadie dies. She was 105 and all but unknown to remaining living family members. Feeling obliged to attend the funeral, with family she either doesn’t get along with or doesn’t like, Lara is visited by the spirit of the dead Sadie. She needs her to do something so presumably she can rest in peace. Silly and completely unrealistic but isn’t that what fiction is for? Weave in some boy girl relationship issues and a friend who takes advantage of our heroine and you have a sweet story.