Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life By Kyle Strobel

I read quite a lot of Christian/Biblical literature and many are extremely repetitious and unfortunately quite boring. I understand that publishers demand x amount of pages, which is ridiculous, but still – tell more personable stories, things that engage readers. This book is engaging from the start as initially the author is so candid about his life in the church growing up. Mr. Strobel was raised in the church and he is very honest about how that affected his walk – good and bad. His church experience for many years was in an emergent seeker sensitive environment with no tradition but a bucket load of programmes for everyone. Continue reading “Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life By Kyle Strobel”

The Lost Virtue of Happiness – Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life By J.P.Moreland and Klaus Issler

This is not a sappy, feel good little ditty. The Lost Virtue of Happiness – Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life is a well written and solid book which, I believe, wouldn’t hurt anyone. They start with the confusion of what happiness even means and how it has changed drastically over the decades; include anxiety and depression, which an alarmingly large amount of people struggle with, and also talk about friendships and community, which is an especially hot button for me. Both authors are extremely transparent with issues they have dealt with and their honesty is admirable. We have become a people of short attention spans and that includes our time with God as well as just thinking and not doing. Not qualities that are necessarily revered but are almost certainly essential to our inner well being. We need to experience a different reality and celebrate our liberation from current thinking. Not a step by step but a definite help for achieving daily discipline.