Death Comes to Pemberley By P.D. James

I just realized that I hadn’t reviewed this after seeing it for another week in the top 10 of the New York Times best seller list. Oops. Well I will do my best to get this out. I did read it a few weeks ago but can remember how brill it was. From the beginning of this story you are transported to a Jane Austen novel. That probably sounds really goofy but it is true. You are just transported to that time and place and if you’ve ever seen any of the television productions you can immediately imagine the scenery too. Ms. James has done another great job but this is extraordinary. I literally re-read the first few pages as I couldn’t quite believe it. She is amazing. Anyone who has read Pride and Prejudice needs to read this even if you have never read a mystery or like the genre.

The author takes the main characters we know and love, and even those we love to hate, and tells the story of their lives in and around Pemberley. This is a mystery so there has to be some drama but I have to tell you it was so cool reading about Elizabeth and Darcy’s continuing relationship and how P.D. James assumes it went. I always hate to give away too much of the actual plot but someone dies on the grounds of Pemberley and Darcy immediately assumes responsibility of the body and informing the local magistrate. Some of the characters who made us all so mad in Pride and Prejudice rear their ugly heads once again and make life a misery for Darcy especially. Right now I just want to spill all the details but I really shouldn’t so I won’t do that.

Elizabeth’s sisters and parents also play somewhat of a part in this book. There is an annual ball at the house that Darcy’s parents handed over to he and Elizabeth so that is the backdrop of the main story line. So while the preparations continue for this gala, the decision has to be made on whether or not they should continue after a pretty gruesome death on the grounds. Elizabeth does see her family quite regularly but especially Jane who lives very close by and she comes and stays at the house to help with the ball. Again this is so fab to ‘catch up’ with Jane and all that she has been up to. I really could go on and on but gushing is so uncouth. Read this beautifully written book and really enjoy the countryside and character development. I know you will be pleased and feel as if you know Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth even better than before.

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