The Cater Street Hangman By Anne Perry

A friend just turned me on to Ms. Perry’s work. She writes historical mysteries. I love mysteries, especially British ones so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Interesting stuff this. Young girls are being found on and around the vicinity of Cater Street and they have been strangled. At first one is led to believe they are a little loose morally but then another victim is claimed and the idea shifts. The only common denominator is they are young females. This story is centred around a family of three daughters, one of whom is married. They are socially active as well as involved in helping those less fortunate than themselves. We meet friends and neighbours of theirs, an odious vicar and his wife and their household staff.

There are many suspects and I believe that you will be kept guessing until literally the second to last page. That is pretty impressive in and of itself. The writing is good and her characters are interesting, if not annoying or self righteous. One wonders if people really behaved in the ways they are written about here. The girls’ grandmother, who lives at both their home and also her daughter’s house is singly the most obnoxious character in the book – if not many I have read. She is rude and quite horrid to all in the household except for her son and draws major conclusions throughout the book. I challenge you to figure this one out and if you do, kudos!

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