In the Company of Others By Jan Karon

This is the latest Father Tim book. I thought the last was the last but apparently not. This is once again a very sweet and schmaltzy story but if anything a little more satisfying. Tim is going to Ireland again but this time taking the wife. They are to do a little touring and staying at country inns. The descriptions of the lay of the land are excellent and the people they encounter are fabulous. If one is trying to get one’s readers to yearn for visiting the country then Ms. Karon has definitely succeeded. There are a few clichés with the crusty landlord and landlady, the laid back taxi driver who is moonlighting in a couple of other areas and the vicious lady of the manor.

Tim is once again called upon to settle some long seated issues which he is universally accepted and becomes loved by all the villagers. I know it sounds ridiculous but he is a man of the cloth and has the best disposition for dealing with family issues which have run deep for a very long time. Like I said, this has a very satisfying story and is an absolute pleasure to read. I love reading about the gentle character of Father Tim and his honesty with his own foibles. If we all practiced the golden rule a little more then maybe the world would be a better place. I for one like to disappear into this world occasionally and try my best to treat others as I like to be treated – good advice for all.

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