Generous Justice By Tim Keller

This is Keller’s latest ‘mini’ read. I do love that his publisher has his books produced in these small, compact units. They look neat and tidy and are never overwhelming especially to those who aren’t necessarily big readers but really want to read. This installment is a little different from his previous works as it talks about justice, obviously. Have you thought recently about justice and what it really means? Unfortunately the term has become relative to everyone. We all have our own version of justice and it isn’t necessarily correct – just appropriate to how we view the world. Subjectivity has become the way we live and we are very closed to even trying to think about someone else’s point of view let alone the old adage of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes!

Keller gives many examples of different situations where we may need to stop and think about how things are playing out for others. I think that with the economy the way it has been for the last couple of years we have an even wider expanse of classes especially in the western countries. Playing the keeping up with the Jones’ is finally taking its toll, but for some their situation has always been precarious. We definitely have an attitude of pulling up one’s bootstraps but sometimes that just isn’t possible either economically, socially or maybe intellectually. Politically we are also so polarized it is amazing that we get along at all – this saddens me as I have always been interested in politics and we ‘judge’ each other immediately and act accordingly. Read this book and expand your mind and thinking. Keller, as usual, is honest, kind and truly altruistic.

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