Crossfire By Felix and Dick Francis

This mystery is yet another brilliant installment by the father and son team. I love these books! They are all set around the horse racing theme as Dick was one of the Queen’s jockeys for a while in his youth. The main characters always have some kind of flaw and this book is no exception. Our hero has been blown up in the war in the Middle East. He has only one leg and is getting used to a prosthesis but his main problem is what he is going to do with his life now that the British Army no longer needs him. He arrives back at his mum’s house after a time of recuperation at a military hospital to find her in somewhat of a pickle.

She is being blackmailed for evading taxes and is being bled dry. We get into the whole story and find many different layers of awful people most of whom would sell their grandmother for the right amount. There is a certain amount of mystery, some violence and even a little romance but we are treated to such excellent descriptions that you are never bored or left not having a clear picture of what the areas or people look like. I am so glad that Felix is taking some of these outlines that he and his father created before his father passed away and is running with them. He is as good a writer as his father and should continue on. Good stuff – Bravo!

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