Bad Luck and Trouble – a Jack Reacher novel By Lee Child

It has been a very long time since I literally couldn’t put a book down – or at least didn’t want to put it down. This is not the first Reacher novel but I will go back now and start with the first one and read through them in order. This was a good thriller of the old school kind. The hero, Jack Reacher, is contacted using an interesting method and is plunged into a story of espionage, old army buddies, thieves and liars. Reacher lives day to day with only the clothes he is wearing and a toothbrush to his name and he is confronted with people who are stealing multi millions of dollars of merchandise. He is truly likeable and will do anything for a friend.

At the beginning of the book when he is contacted by one of his old squad from the army their goal is in trying to locate one of their own who has gone missing only to find he has been murdered. There seems to be no trail to follow and his footsteps are nearly impossible to trace. They continue on together and try and find all the other members of their unit. Reacher and his old crew do not understand why they were not contacted by their dead friend so they know that all is not as it seems. I cannot do the story justice without giving away too much but this is a fast paced story with some very interesting characters and a great story line. I now understand why this author is so popular, just not why I haven’t read him until now – duh. Some of the action is a little graphic but I would let my older kids read his stuff – fabulous.

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