The Confession By John Grisham

How do you feel about executions? You will find yourself on one side of this debate or another after reading this book. The accused is on death row for a murder he didn’t commit – but isn’t that what they all say? This is a very compelling book and I think Mr. Grisham’s views are quite obvious but what it doesn’t take into consideration is the victim’s family. Continue reading “The Confession By John Grisham”

Blue Murder

So browsing around the library in the DVD section one Friday I happened upon this series. Because it is an English detective/drama I was drawn to it, I admit, but it is fantabulous! Basic premise of this murder mystery series is our copper, Detective Chief Inspector Janine Lewis has three kids at home, finds out her husband is messing around on her (yes that is what I mean), and major crime is not stopping in Manchester. Continue reading “Blue Murder”

The Body in the Ivy By Katherine Hall Page

I have read a lot of this author’s work but not for ages. The heroine in her stories is a caterer named Faith Fairchild. Ms. Fairchild is married to a local reverend and she keeps busy with her two kids and her catering business. This story begins 40 years previously at a prestigious girls’ college with a death. What seems to be a suicide could be murder or just an accident. Continue reading “The Body in the Ivy By Katherine Hall Page”