TrueFaced By Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch

The theme of this book, I think, is: Trust God and others with who you really are.

This is not your ordinary Christian Living book. I was recommended this book by several different people and some of them hadn’t even read it through. As I said the theme is trust. We find ourselves at a crossroads in our lives where we have to decide whether or not to please God or to trust Him. We never feel as if we have done enough to please Him and yet if we trust Him, He is pleased. So why do we go on the merry go round of constantly trying to ‘do the right thing’ and, in my case, fail continuously? I wish I knew – maybe we are so results driven that to us, this is logical. This book gives us some very practical questions and answers. We need to live by grace and grace alone. Now that doesn’t mean you never go out, do anything, speak to anyone – au contraire – it means doing all those things, and working in a sinful world but knowing that you trust God implicitly! God’s dreams for us reflect His heart. We have to mature in sync with Him and His heart to have ‘others centred’ dreams and we need to influence others by who we are not what we do.

Humility allows us to boldly trust how God sees us which allows us to resolve our sin, mature us and free us into His destiny for us. Trusting who God says I am so I can work on my sin issues – not the other way around. I have to trust who God says I am. I know I repeated myself there, but this is really a very powerful book which can change your life, if you allow it. There is a DVD series as well which we are actually doing in a small group setting. The book is a great read and one you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

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