Because He Loves Me By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Because He Loves Me:How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life is not necessarily for beginners even though it does go back to the beginning and the Gospel. We are constantly reminded of what our ‘chief end’ is to be and not to be sidetracked by life and what the world is saying to us. This refers to how we see ourselves, others and how ‘successful’ we are as well. The book is in two parts: how God’s love transforms our identity and how God’s love transforms our life. Personally I found the hope of the Gospel to be particularly good. I know this stuff, but we can never remind ourselves too often. I get so entrenched in the ways of the world and how appalling society can be.

Politics, which is a love for me, is distressing me so much lately and the lack of accountability with those in power just seeking the best for themselves is becoming so frustrating. Altruism is almost unheard of in the elite society – and I mean that in a truly bipartisan way. No one party is guiltier than the other – just ‘how much we can slag off the other guys’. I am so sick of it – but then I realize that is not what we are supposed to be all about. I must focus on the Lord and not people. Yes we abide by the rules of the land and continue to work hard (I am certainly not into the whole live out life in a bubble away from anyone and anything); but am I glorifying God in all I do and say? I should say not, but I continue to try and books like this are especially helpful in reaching that goal. Like I said we need constant reminders and Mere Christianity is an excellent example of a book to be re-read as is this new gem.

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