An English Murder By Louise Doughty

This murder mystery is a few years old and I stumbled upon it due to the title. Set in a little village in the country, we meet our heroine, Alison, who is a journalist for a small weekly newspaper. It is so small in fact that there are only three employees. Alison lives in a cottage on a street at the end of town and as fate would have it a murder is committed just a few doors down. Nothing usually happens there and so there is great excitement among the locals. Everyone seems to find an excuse to wander down their road to take a look at the crime scene. The victims are a couple who keep to themselves and their teenage daughter is missing. It is a particularly gory crime scene which interests the locals even more.

The book is narrated from the point of view of several of the characters in the book which is quite interesting, still waters running deeply in a lot of cases and not a lot going on in some others. We delve into the lives of the victims, their daughter, the journalist and how her upbringing has affected her and her brother’s lives which really have nothing to do with the murder but help us to understand her personality. People aren’t always what they seem on the outside and I think Doughty does a good job of her character development in this book. The mystery isn’t really all that taxing with a couple of red herrings thrown in for good measure but overall a good read.

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