Star Island By Carl Hiaasen

Trashy novel alert! I have read a lot of Mr. Hiaasen’s books and they are all a tad junky but this one seems to really take the cake. Way graphic in some chapters and some of the nastiest characters you ever thought to avoid but I have to say in a tongue in cheek way that this book is quite brilliant. Star Island follows about 10 different story lines but the main one is a train wreck of a girl who is not unlike the starlets of today (see Lilo, Britney, Paris etc. etc. etc.) Continue reading “Star Island By Carl Hiaasen”

Getting to Happy By Terry McMillan

From the author of many books including the prequel to this one, Waiting to Exhale, this is the continuation of the story of four best friends who live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. I have to say I am a sucker for the gal pal books and movies. We need each other a whole lot more than the world would have us believe and I think these relationships can be very healthy for us. That said this book is obviously well written but Continue reading “Getting to Happy By Terry McMillan”

The Paris Vendetta By Steve Berry

The Paris Vendetta is an insanely long book considering the ultimate premise of the story. We have ex company men from the CIA , current CIA, multiple billionaires (but of course), and naturally bad guys. I grew up with Bond, men from UNCLE etc. etc. and this take over the world stuff does interest me, I just didn’t get into this book as much as I thought I would. Continue reading “The Paris Vendetta By Steve Berry”

An English Murder By Louise Doughty

This murder mystery is a few years old and I stumbled upon it due to the title. Set in a little village in the country, we meet our heroine, Alison, who is a journalist for a small weekly newspaper. It is so small in fact that there are only three employees. Alison lives in a cottage on a street at the end of town and as fate would have it a murder is committed just a few doors down. Continue reading “An English Murder By Louise Doughty”

Garden State

Garden State is a movie focuses on a young man named Andrew (played by Zach Braff) who goes home to New Jersey, after being away for nine years, for his mother’s funeral. He is an actor in California now but not at all happy. He describes himself as being numb. He doesn’t experience any joy and is just going through the motions. His trip home is a myriad of thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Garden State”