A Million Miles in a Thousand Years | By Donald Miller

This is a little bit of a different book – but brilliant especially since this is kind of how I write! Wow, I didn’t think anyone else had chains of thought the same way I did. Hilarious and a tear jerker within a page – I am not nearly that talented unfortunately, but Don, you give me great hope that someday I will finish a book and someone will actually publish it. At first glance this book is like a series of random thoughts – well , that is what it is, but he does have some great points. One is that life is worth it. We don’t always see that I don’t think. Why are we here? Are we working on something that will actually change ours and others lives? I definitely struggle with this. I want to be a blessing and not a burden. What’s the point? In town here, a couple recently sold everything they had to move to China to help teach Chinese kids the English language. You don’t hear about that stuff very often but they had done their careers and were just moving along when they realized something. What the catalyst was, I don’t know, and that lifestyle isn’t for everyone but some of us are living in little bubbles which are terrifically self serving.
This book sometimes serves as almost an inner monologue with the author trying to better himself and write a story along the way.
I love what the author says about the only practical advice given in the book of Ecclesiastes is about living a meaningful life – ‘find a job you like, enjoy your marriage and obey God. It is as though God is saying, write a good story, take somebody with you and let Me help.’

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