Sizzling Sixteen | By Janet Evanovich

This is the next installment in the Stephanie Plum saga. As is the case with some authors who are presumably expected to churn out book after book with less time in between, the story lines get pretty thin. This book is definitely an example of that. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to get started on a character who is fun and have loads of ideas on what happens next to him/her. I will also continue to read Ms. Evanovich’s books, it would just be nice to have her bring back some of the old characters who made me laugh out loud. This one centers around her boss who has been kidnapped. He runs the bond office where she is a bounty hunter, albeit a pretty bad one. Stephanie considers not going after him but realizes he is the source of her income for the time being. He is a revolting human being who brings new meaning to the word depraved. He owes money everywhere and his wife doesn’t want him back either. Meanwhile our heroine’s love life with her on again off again copper boyfriend is in an off pattern. Not much is going well for Stephanie and she is once again without a car – she is famous for destroying all her vehicles as well as setting fire to things. Even her usually hilarious side kick Lola isn’t as funny and Grandma Mazur has only a bit part. What can I say – this was a little disappointing.

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