In a Day

This is a quirky little English movie where we meet a young girl who is working in a sandwich shop in London. Her life seems quite isolated and also quite boring with the exception of the occasional rude customer. One day she arrives for work but they are not opening due to a family emergency and she sets off home again. On the way home she has an odd encounter with a stranger which leaves her very much at odds and she is found sort of wandering around by one of her regular customers. He asks her first if he can help and then if he can buy her a cup of coffee. The entire movie is about her day and the things she does but it is really about the beginning of their relationship. He takes her to lunch, shopping but they are getting to know each other – or at least that is what she thinks. There is nothing really sinister here but it is a sweet little film with engaging main characters and some forgiveness thrown in for good measure. I do love these independent movies that seem to escape any kind of publicity but it does make me sad that more people don’t see them as they can be quite cerebral – now I’m not saying this is a particularly deep film but it does make you stop and think about how we may have affected others in our past and how we could do things differently from now on.

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