This Body of Death | By Elizabeth George

Lynley is trying his very best to not go back to the Force. He is on compassionate leave when he is called back to Scotland Yard. An unidentified young woman has been found stabbed in a cemetery. An interim department head, Isabelle Ardery, is brought in to lead the investigation and immediately her leadership styles are called into question and for good reason – she has an enormous chip on her shoulder which becomes quite apparent and quite quickly. The case begins with the team trying to ascertain who the victim is and what her movements were. When they discover who she is, they dig very deeply into her relationships and find a myriad of different people including ex-boyfriends, psychics and a landlady. As always Lynley’s close friends, the St. James’, provide great clarity and logic as well as evidence in this case.

Simultaneously a story unfolds of a child kidnapping in another town which may or may not be connected to this case. Some pretty unsavoury characters are introduced and their horrid beginnings lead one to understand why they would behave the way they do but certainly not excuse it. One has to know right from wrong.

I have to say I didn’t like the way Ms. George wrote of Lynley’s acceptance of the new chief but it all adds to the drama. I like the give and take of his banter with Havers and the rest of his crew which was sidelined a bit in favour of Ardery.

All in all another excellent chapter in the life of Chief Supt. Lynley and Co.

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