The Black Cat | by Martha Grimes

Finally Martha Grimes writes another Richard Jury mystery! It feels like ages since the last one! Each of her Jury mystery titles is the name of a pub or wine bar and this one follows suit. There is a black cat at The Black Cat and she is a witness to a murder. The victim, a gorgeous young lady dressed to the nines, literally. No one seems to be able to identify her including the hosts of an enormous party going on in the village at the same time as the crime – or do they? A couple of days later a librarian is reported missing by her aunt who does not identify the body of the dead girl as her niece. Could it be possible that so much is happening in a small village where nothing ever happens? A second murder follows the first – the common denominator being another young lady dressed impeccably well. If you know nothing about designer labels especially shoes you will be a wealth of knowledge after reading this. Anyone who has seen Sex and the City will be familiar with Manolo and Jimmy Choo but you will now be educated about finer footwear which play a role in this book. A red herring? You will have to find out for yourselves. Jury’s friend and sometime general dogsbody, Melrose, is again engaged to run some errands for him but not nearly enough Little Pidd is featured and hardly any of the characters of that hamlet. I understand that they rarely play a part in the actual mysteries but they are so wonderful that I miss them. Bring back the dysfunctional crew of the Jack and Hammer for some more banter next time please.

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