A Conventional Corpse – A Claire Malloy mystery | by Joan Hess

Claire is an interesting bookshop owner who has been coerced into helping with a mystery book convention. I must say I tend to be in awe of authors and can totally relate to some of the hero worship that goes along on these pages. What is hilarious is the authors here not only put on their trousers the same way we do, they are narcissistic, self-absorbed and ego-maniacal. Editors seem to be worse. I will one day be published – just need the right people along with way I guess.

The writers in question have all been brought to a sleepy little town in Arkansas to speak and sign their books when on the first night tragedy strikes. And to a seemingly innocuous character to boot. To make matters worse, our sleuth has been in a relationship with the lead investigator but they haven’t even seen each other for months due to his ex-wife ergo, Claire is not happy with him.

As the weekend progresses things actually worsen and the authors bicker constantly. Jealousy overwhelms any respect they have for each other. Claire has to get to the bottom of the source of the animosity between all the characters and figure out who would have reason to kill the victim and of course, why. This book is immediately interesting and never slows down and it really got me! I love figuring these out and enjoy it even more when I get it wrong – I will be reading more of her books!

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