Lost in Austen

This is an adorable little twist on Pride and Prejudice. Modern girl in London is completely enamoured by Mr. Darcy and is holding her boyfriend up to his standards. Obviously that isn’t working very well for her. A weird twist of fate has her switching places with Elizabeth Bennett who is all but ready for the challenge of the modern world. Our modern girl has a copy of Austen’s book with her but things are not going according to plan including the wrong people hooking up which frustrates her immensely. With a very impressive cast this film is enjoyable as well as quite clever and you are left wondering how well you would do back in Elizabeth’s time.

Ford County By John Grisham

Another great book from Grisham; this time seven short stories all set around Ford County, Mississippi. The stories include some crooks, some lawyers, and some just plain foolish folk but all become quite endearing as you read on. A mark of a good story is when you find yourself rooting for one or another of the characters and this book is no exception to that. Many times I found myself wanting someone to get the money or to get away with a crime even. Seldom do I read short stories but because of its author I picked this one up and was not disappointed. Grisham gets a lot of good press but there is a reason for that; he is very good at what he does.