Counterfeit Gods – The empty promises of money, sex, and power, and the only hope that matters By Timothy Keller

Where do we place our faith? What do we spend our time and money on? That is what we value – good and bad. We pursue things for happiness right? But how many of us are happy? Counterfeit Gods is another way of saying idols – and not the ones maybe you are thinking of. We don’t like to use that kind of language so Keller puts it into verbiage we can relate to very easily. I agree with my pastor that Keller is one of the best writers to not only identify but describe idolatry without us feeling either moronic or bored.

I love how Keller describes and explains how anything morally neutral can also become an idol along with the more obvious examples. This is a great follow up to The Reason for God and The Prodigal God which also pushed people to think long and hard about themselves, and to engage with others on the subject. I little introspection can be a good thing.

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