The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

This book is an emotional tribute to his wife and children – not schleppy but quite sad given the reason. The author is honest and writes of some great teaching moments even though his black and white attitude to everything, for me, was annoying and prideful. He does acknowledge that his parents were the reason he was so focused and successful and writes about what he is trying to do to leave a legacy for his three kids who are so very young and maybe won’t remember him. He has a diagnosis of cancer which is incurable. It is an interesting thing to think about in all our lives though. What if we only had six months to live? What would we do? Financially they can do a lot and he takes full advantage of this, which, in my opinion, he should. The old adage of a dying man never wishing he had spent more time at the office comes to mind but Pausch takes this a lot further to leave his last lecture and way more for his family.