Austenland By Shannon Hale

Is fantasy the opiate of women? Methinks for some maybe it is. This is a story of a young lady, Jane, who throws herself into every little relationship. Even if she only dates someone once he is the latest boyfriend. Her ‘ideal man’ is not only Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice but Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. A bequest from a great aunt sends her to an imaginary playground in England where she can not only dress up but be surrounded by others who are play acting from the period Austen wrote. After swearing off men, again, she decides to go on the non-refundable trip. How bad could it be? Moving from thinking this is fun to extremely odd and boring Jane begins to ‘find herself’. This is not full of self esteem, I am so worth it stuff but quite honest revelations and, I think, would make a great movie. Personally I would love the role of Mrs. Wattlesbrook who is the controller of the entire programme/holiday and is deliciously nasty in a very dignified way, of course. Put in a good word for me please.

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