The Best of Everything By Kimberla Lawson Roby

The moral of the story is don’t do it! Young Alicia is newly married and addicted to shopping but in a very sober self justifying way which I suppose is the way of addiction. This is not a funny book or even humourous as was Shopaholic but an attempt to show how destructive the sins of our fathers (and mothers) can be. I personally did not like the way she has written this book – two friends who meet for lunch on a regular basis do not talk the way she has written – and the abrupt way the book ends is not very satisfying. A little elementary in its prose and very little character development apart from the main character.

Fire and Ice by J.A. Jance

As a huge fan of Jance mysteries I did eat this one up.  Both Beaumont of the S.H.I.T. squad from Washington as well as Brady from Bisbee.  Well as usual this read really quickly and as a result didn’t add too many of the other people in their lives.  She literally goes back and forth between the two main characters so the book moves at a fast pace.  It is not confusing as she writes about Brady but Beaumont speaks for himself.  One assumes they will intersect, hopefully you too come to this conclusion and I’m not ruining anything.  A couple of story lines are revisited from other books but are explained so it doesn’t hinge on reading the previous books (even though they are great and you get to know each of the main people in both sets of mysteries – oh go ahead and read them, but start at the beginning of each series now).  I am trying to decide if I think the book is really good or I just like the author’s work so much and her characters that I liked it.  If I picked it up independently of its predecessors I think it would still hold water, just maybe not as much as her previous stuff.  What the heck, this is a fun book that is a super quick read and I definitely enjoyed it.