A Trick of the Light By Louise Penny

Apparently this was an interesting if not particularly difficult book for Ms. Penny to write. I am not sure if it was because of personal experience or just the subject matter but it is absolutely brilliant. If she is an artist and received a not so glowing review I say ‘whatever’! If you like it and it made you happy to paint it – go for it. This brings us to one of the topics of this fabulous mystery. Continue reading “A Trick of the Light By Louise Penny”

Bury Your Dead By Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is fast becoming one of my favourite coppers. Set in French Canada our extremely humble hero is on leave after a traumatic experience. He is pulled into a local case due to not only his fluency in English and French but also his reputation which is stellar. A man known to all locally has been found dead in the cellar of the English library. He is a historian of sorts who has devoted his life to finding the grave of the man who presumably started colonizing the city many years before. Rumours start flying and the situation immediately becomes yet another French/English problem. Continue reading “Bury Your Dead By Louise Penny”

A Rule Against Murder By Louise Penny

Another Penny mystery that I loved – I should get royalties. This story is set at a romantic getaway where the inspector and his wife spend their anniversaries hidden away from work, telephones and the world. Every year they have done this without any interruption – this year is different. A mostly obnoxious family has commandeered nearly the entire hotel, taking liberties seemingly only the very wealthy take. There are many different characters here ranging from the cold matriarch down to her extremely strange grandchild who no one even seems to know the sex of. Then one of them is killed. Their behaviour toward each other is cruel and nasty and slowly one begins to understand why this is so, whilst the crime is figured out. Interesting how one can feel absolutely no compassion for so many individuals and yet never questioning the author. Like I said I loved it.

A Fatal Grace – A Three Pines Mystery By Louise Penny

Ms. Penny is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. These delightful mysteries are set in French Quebec with a very down to earth Chief Inspector Gamache. This time he is returning to Three Pines to investigate another murder but looking forward to renewing acquaintances with the very diverse and eclectic folk in the town. The story has a somewhat macabre element and many little twists to confuse you – dare I say almost a la Ms. Christie. Intelligent crime writing is so fun to read! A spiteful and mean self published author is found dead and does anyone really miss her or even mourn her. Gamache will have to find out. Set around Christmas and the beginning of the New Year the temperatures are plummeting but the hospitality and friendship keep the town warm.