The Killing Floor By Lee Child

This is one of the Jack Reacher stories which I love but this one kind of disappointed me. I thought that the story was a little passé and can I say obvious. The crimes are quite bloody and graphic which isn’t necessarily so out of character for the author, they just seem a little crazed. I am sure that is what he was going for but I really thought the whole story was completely predictable from the start. Continue reading “The Killing Floor By Lee Child”

The Enemy by Lee Child

The more I read from this author, the more I like him. I know he is enormously popular but sometimes that doesn’t take much except a well paid publicity machine – I don’t think I really need to give any examples here – you know what I mean. Jack Reacher is career army and finds himself on duty New Year’s Eve after recently being transferred back to the States from Panama. He doesn’t question the move, just doesn’t understand it. Continue reading “The Enemy by Lee Child”