The Sins of the Father By Jeffrey Archer

As a long time reader of Mr. Archer I was again thrilled with another of his books. This is a sequel to a previous novel but honestly, I had forgotten that. I should really have re-read the previous book but alas found myself constantly checking the family tree at the front of the story. This book is a standalone but makes way more sense if you’ve read the previous one. Just saying. Continue reading “The Sins of the Father By Jeffrey Archer”

Only Time Will Tell By Jeffrey Archer

For those of you who are new to Archer’s books, look out! I will have a really hard time finding anything wrong with him. He does leave this one a little open ended but I forgive him – ha ha. You really have to read all he has written. Kane and Abel is one of the best novels written about generational drama and that is one of the few that has a follow up novel as well. Archer is one of the authors who got me through endless boring textbooks in college as I would reward myself with one of his books after assignments (one of the others being Ludlum). Continue reading “Only Time Will Tell By Jeffrey Archer”