Faceless Killers: A Wallander Mystery | by Henning Mankell

This story begins on a remote farm in rural Sweden. An older man wakes up earlier than usual and notices a strange light in his neighbour’s window. Unfortunately for him he finds a crime scene that is truly heinous. The couple who live there are their best friends and he finds the husband already dead and the wife very close to death, with a noose around her neck.

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Desert Heat | by J A Jance

This was the first in the Joanna Brady series set in Bisbee, Arizona. Having read all the others, this one was rarely available, one knows the eventual outcome but not the details. Joanna is still working for an insurance company and on the night of her 10th anniversary her sheriff’s deputy husband, Andy, is late home. He had arranged a duplicate of their wedding night with an overnight stay at a local hotel. Joanna did not start to worry about him until he was over two hours late and no one had seen him since he had left the station.

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The White Lioness | by Henning Mankell

Ok so this is another Wallander novel, which you know I love, but this one is a little different as there is an international connection. The story begins with a real estate agent going about her business but disappearing one evening to the chagrin of her husband who is convinced foul play is at hand. This is in the days before mobile phones and GPS tracking so her last communication seems to be with a shop keeper at a bakery. Their family is quite devout and attend church regularly which doesn’t sit well with Wallander who believes in nothing at this time. Her past is called into question which is inevitable but frustrating for her family and friends.

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