This movie has an outstanding cast: Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti. The beginning is cheesy – do we really need to see so many close ups of Ms. Roberts leaning over, even though she does look fabulous. This is an old school espionage type movie which I usually love. They move around from Dubai, New York, Rome and London but the timelines were a little fuzzy – I understand this is a huge part of the movie but it is almost painful and not fun trying to figure out where we are in their relationship. I like the idea of not knowing which side anyone is on but, it moves way too slowly and is actually kind of boring. I really wasn’t entertained and was even a little frustrated at times with how slowly the whole thing moved. There are many twists and maybe even a surprise at the end. Wilkinson and Giamatti do great jobs as corporate executives with only profits on their minds but there is way too little of them in this flick.