This movie has an outstanding cast: Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti. The beginning is cheesy – do we really need to see so many close ups of Ms. Roberts leaning over, even though she does look fabulous. This is an old school espionage type movie which I usually love. They move around from Dubai, New York, Rome and London but the timelines were a little fuzzy – I understand this is a huge part of the movie but it is almost painful and not fun trying to figure out where we are in their relationship. I like the idea of not knowing which side anyone is on but, it moves way too slowly and is actually kind of boring. I really wasn’t entertained and was even a little frustrated at times with how slowly the whole thing moved. There are many twists and maybe even a surprise at the end. Wilkinson and Giamatti do great jobs as corporate executives with only profits on their minds but there is way too little of them in this flick.

The International

Starring the beautiful Clive Owen – okay so I’m a little biased when it comes to this man – but this is a good flick. Rated R for violence, which is excessive, and language, Lou Salinger (Owen) is an Interpol agent working with the NY Attorney General’s office trying to bring down an arms dealing ring. The action starts immediately with a deal gone badly and doesn’t really slow down throughout the movie. The story moves from city to city around the world and includes assassins, corruption, murder etc. You get the picture. Salinger is like a dog that has caught a scent and he never gives up or sleeps for that matter. The International is fast moving, has a passable story line and absolutely no sex, how refreshing. There is this kicking scene in the Guggenheim…well I won’t ruin it – but what a cool museum!