Evan’s Gate By Rhys Bowen

Evan Evans is now a newly promoted policeman in Wales near Mt. Snowdon. He and his bride to be, Bronwen, have bought a little cottage up a hill which gives them the most perfect view. It would be a perfect view if the weather would just cooperate anyway. Evan is trying to get permission to fix up the cottage and finds he has a lot more work to do than they previously thought. We meet an odious man Continue reading “Evan’s Gate By Rhys Bowen”

Bury Your Dead By Louise Penny

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is fast becoming one of my favourite coppers. Set in French Canada our extremely humble hero is on leave after a traumatic experience. He is pulled into a local case due to not only his fluency in English and French but also his reputation which is stellar. A man known to all locally has been found dead in the cellar of the English library. He is a historian of sorts who has devoted his life to finding the grave of the man who presumably started colonizing the city many years before. Rumours start flying and the situation immediately becomes yet another French/English problem. Continue reading “Bury Your Dead By Louise Penny”