Because He Loves Me By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Because He Loves Me:How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life is not necessarily for beginners even though it does go back to the beginning and the Gospel. We are constantly reminded of what our ‘chief end’ is to be and not to be sidetracked by life and what the world is saying to us. This refers to how we see ourselves, others and how ‘successful’ we are as well. The book is in two parts: how God’s love transforms our identity and how God’s love transforms our life. Continue reading “Because He Loves Me By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick”

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years | By Donald Miller

This is a little bit of a different book – but brilliant especially since this is kind of how I write! Wow, I didn’t think anyone else had chains of thought the same way I did. Hilarious and a tear jerker within a page – I am not nearly that talented unfortunately, but Don, you give me great hope that someday I will finish a book and someone will actually publish it. At first glance this book is like a series of random thoughts – well , that is what it is, but he does have some great points. Continue reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years | By Donald Miller”

The Year of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion

I have never read a book by Mrs. Didion but her writing is obviously very good and extremely easy to read. She has been writing for a while and I am actually embarrassed that I haven’t read her before especially since this is a very tender book. In the space of a year her adult daughter is hospitalized several times with a series of infections and neurological issues and she loses her husband. Continue reading “The Year of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion”

Heaven By Randy Alcorn

Got questions about heaven? This is the book for you. Many use this more as a reference but I just plowed through. It is somewhat of a tome and not a quick read but very interesting stuff nonetheless – all qualified with Scripture as well. I have to say the chapters on animals and pets were wonderful and very thoughtful. An intelligent read well worth the time and you may finally answer the question of whether or not all dogs go to heaven.

The Lost Virtue of Happiness – Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life By J.P.Moreland and Klaus Issler

This is not a sappy, feel good little ditty. The Lost Virtue of Happiness – Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life is a well written and solid book which, I believe, wouldn’t hurt anyone. They start with the confusion of what happiness even means and how it has changed drastically over the decades; include anxiety and depression, which an alarmingly large amount of people struggle with, and also talk about friendships and community, which is an especially hot button for me. Both authors are extremely transparent with issues they have dealt with and their honesty is admirable. We have become a people of short attention spans and that includes our time with God as well as just thinking and not doing. Not qualities that are necessarily revered but are almost certainly essential to our inner well being. We need to experience a different reality and celebrate our liberation from current thinking. Not a step by step but a definite help for achieving daily discipline.