Love in a Nutshell By Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

This is the story of a girl who goes home. Well she goes to the home she grew up in. Her parents are no longer there and the house is falling down and it is also in default. But apart from that everything is hunky dory. Oh well not quite, she is also still reeling a little from a divorce in which she lost not only a philandering husband but also her beloved dog. So our heroine, Kate, needs a job, needs to fix up her home and sort herself out emotionally. I suppose her old home town is the place to do that. We start the book with her looking for a job which can at least support her home rehabilitation habit. She is determined and resourceful and catches the eye of her prospective employer. He is a local lad who has done well in the hospitality industry by incorporating his love of craft beer and the local summer crowd that shows up each year.

She is hired but not only to do fill in jobs wherever she is needed around the brewery but also to do some snooping. Matt, the proprietor has been having some issues with accidents and incidents that seem a little more than random. They don’t seem full on sabotage at this point but he is beginning to get worried as the financial drain is beginning to show. Matt offers Kate a financial bonus if she can catch the person who is doing these things and this money will help her get her home out of the hole and hopefully get it ready to turn it into a bed and breakfast by the summer.

As you have probably ascertained by the title, these two like each other. Well it is more like pure lust at the beginning but neither of them can afford to be in a relationship at this time so they try to cool it. Because this is a small town, they run into each other at different places including charity functions and end up just going with it and letting people talk – which they are going to do anyway! Kate meets Matt’s family and is immediately comfortable with them too. This may just be harder to play along than they originally thought.

The story progresses with the incidences increasing and also an attempted murder which ups the ante considerably. This is a fun and completely predictable story which would be labeled a beach read if this were the summer. I like reading Evanovich and this was a pleasant change of pace from her Stephanie Plum stories. Enjoy with a glass of wine and your feet up.

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