Bare Bones By Kathy Reichs

I don’t watch the television show ‘Bones’ but had been told that I would enjoy it by a couple of people. A mixture of mystery and interesting main characters and some autopsy thrown in for laughs. So this week I picked up one of Kathy Reichs’ books. After just one chapter I knew she had to be at least a coroner or medical examiner. It turns out this lady is brillianto! Fast moving, interesting stories as well as great character development and all that almost immediately. Hmmm. Seriously though, Reichs is not only an MD but also a PhD and really knows her stuff – i.e. forensic anthropology. I am sure she bases some of her stores on real life drama but no way real life moves this fast.

This book starts with what seems a domestic case but quickly accelerates into maybe a drug smuggling operation. People are disappearing left and right, especially those our ME wants to speak with. Our heroine, Temperance Brennan, is knows to all as Tempe. She is mother to an adult daughter and separated but not divorced from her husband. They all have seemingly good relationships and she socializes with her daughter quite frequently. Tempe’s romantic life is also highlighted in this story. The man in question travels between the US and Canada as does Tempe and on this visit she realizes she is serious about him. Her daughter invites them to a picnic where they fall upon yet another case which thwarts their plans to get away on holiday.

Her husband’s dog, which she is looking after for a few days, digs up some old bones at the aforementioned picnic. Kids are suitably traumatized and Tempe is back on the job. There is also the call from law enforcement about a small plane that went down in the middle of nowhere with at least two victims on board. The people are burned and unrecognizable but again Tempe is called in to do the forensics. A federal employee joins the scene and all of a sudden we have about three stories going at once. This seems like it would be hard to keep track but it really isn’t. This is written in a way that you don’t want to stop reading. Personally I liked the way her private life was woven in to the main themes as well.

I haven’t seen these books on the best seller list but that may just be an oversight on my part. These are well written and fun books. Tempe is very likeable and I definitely want to get more of these books and find out more. I may actually have to go and get the first season of Bones too.

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