Explosive Eighteen By Janet Evanovich

So can Ms. Plum get any sillier? The beginning of this book starts with somewhat of a mystery. Apparently Stephanie has been to Hawaii and Ranger was there. Hmmm. But then we find out she ran away, and went home to New Jersey and won’t tell anyone any details. So we are left in the dark. Well we find out eventually but she definitely keeps quiet for a long time, much to the chagrin of Lula Continue reading “Explosive Eighteen By Janet Evanovich”

The Me I Want to Be By John Ortberg

I work in real estate and I also work for a golf ministry. I love working with people and get frustrated when there is too much bureaucracy especially when it comes to paperwork and real estate. I know me, mostly, and I know that I love working with people and helping them. The golf ministry gives me so much pleasure it feels as if I am not really working most of the time. I help with a programme where young golfers get to follow around golf pros during practice round day and have a q and a session with them. This is super fun and kids and their parents really get into it. The organization of something like this can be a bit overwhelming but nearly all the time everyone is very patient and also gracious. I say all this because this book, along with a couple of others I have read recently (StandOut being uber helpful), have solidified for me that it is okay to do what you love and get paid for it as well. Continue reading “The Me I Want to Be By John Ortberg”

A Trick of the Light By Louise Penny

Apparently this was an interesting if not particularly difficult book for Ms. Penny to write. I am not sure if it was because of personal experience or just the subject matter but it is absolutely brilliant. If she is an artist and received a not so glowing review I say ‘whatever’! If you like it and it made you happy to paint it – go for it. This brings us to one of the topics of this fabulous mystery. Continue reading “A Trick of the Light By Louise Penny”

The Falls By Ian Rankin

I am not quite sure when this book was written but it was a while ago – I just hadn’t read it yet. This mystery has a certain eerie quality to it which I am not usually fond of but, because Rankin is a master of weaving stories, was very enjoyable. The beginning of the book has us meet a university student who is worried because his girlfriend has gone missing. We immediately think the worst, because this is a murder mystery, but there is no body. Continue reading “The Falls By Ian Rankin”

Day of War: Lion of War series by Cliff Graham

The year is 998 BC and we are travelling to the ancient Middle East. This is a fictional account of a few verses from the Old Testament in the Bible. The whole Lion of War series focuses on King David and his men but this first book not only centres on him but on other warriors too. This story is a relatively brutal account of the weeks leading up to when David takes over power as the King of Judah. Continue reading “Day of War: Lion of War series by Cliff Graham”