Pujols: More Than The Game By Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth

My husband is a huge baseball fan. I, via osmosis, have come to enjoy the game – mostly. OK so I can keep up and read or do a crossword simultaneously. I read biographies occasionally and found that I would probably enjoy this one. I like to hear about people who proclaim their faith and actually do something with their wealth instead of just spending more on sex, drugs and alcohol or whatever floats their boat. Silly me – when there are people hurting in first world countries and we are obsessed with knowing what celebrities are doing I find that a little obnoxious – let alone other places where hurt is rampant.

Anyway I had high hopes for Albert Pujols. Well, he is a great guy. He gives back specifically to two areas and his entire family is involved. I love hearing about this stuff! This is what makes a difference in so many people’s lives. He is really committed to these causes and knows that his gift (of which there is no question) comes from the Lord and that someday he won’t be quite as successful. This is lovely stuff – all of it.

Now the problem for me comes with the extent of the details of what seemed like each and every one of Pujols’ games. The authors seem to do an almost play by play of every game he has ever played in. Oh man. Now I know that a lot of people will enjoy that but just be forewarned. I had a hard time concentrating when I was reading about who was covering what base, the team the St. Louis Cardinals were playing or his college team back in the day. Now it is not confusing as to the timeline just so detailed about every player and play he makes. I wonder if they put every at bat in the book. OK I’m kidding but it certainly felt like it at times throughout the book. I would have appreciated a more in-depth look at some of the lives the Pujols family foundation has helped. It could have included maybe some more individual stories that focus on the people not just the sport.

He sounds like a great guy and he is really doing his part for the kingdom and maybe they didn’t want to name any names as far as the charity is concerned but they could change the names. I loved reading about his wife who is a star (in a Godly sense not Hollywood) and who has helped him along the way as well as probably keeping him grounded. Again not sure how much the family allowed to be ‘picked apart’ by the authors it would just have made them a little more real.

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