V is for Vengeance By Sue Grafton

This is the latest installment in the Kinsey Milhone series set in the 80s in a fictitious town in Southern California. As you can imagine they started at A with A is for Alibi. The series got a little weak there but this one is back on track. There isn’t really that much of a mystery as much as putting together all the bits and pieces of several story lines that may or may not converge. Continue reading “V is for Vengeance By Sue Grafton”

Lead for God’s Sake By Todd Gongwer

SOOOO this book was recommended by a friend who literally was having a hard time putting it down and was weeping on and off throughout. I thought – lovely, let’s have some of that! Firstly I have to say I come with a whole lot of cynicism and read a lot of management and encouragement books and so maybe come from a different place from a lot of you. The premise of the book is a little overdone I think in today’s self-help environment. Continue reading “Lead for God’s Sake By Todd Gongwer”