The Enemy by Lee Child

The more I read from this author, the more I like him. I know he is enormously popular but sometimes that doesn’t take much except a well paid publicity machine – I don’t think I really need to give any examples here – you know what I mean. Jack Reacher is career army and finds himself on duty New Year’s Eve after recently being transferred back to the States from Panama. He doesn’t question the move, just doesn’t understand it. During the night he receives a call regarding the death of a senior officer due to a heart attack, but in civilian territory. Reacher refers the call to the local police but receives a follow up call from his superiors saying he is to get to the scene immediately. He arrives at a seedy motel to find the officer dead and naked having obviously had a romantic tryst but there is no sign of anyone else and the manager saw and heard nothing. The motel is also over the road from an equally charming bar/strip joint where again no one seems to have seen or heard anything. The army is to tread very carefully and Reacher is sent to inform the widow, only to find a different kind of scene.

This story takes many different turns, exposes corruption in the service but also a little glimpse into the private life of Jack Reacher. While he is trying to figure out the details of this case his brother calls and asks him to come to Paris to see their mother. This is another twist in the story and his life which adds to the human interest part of the book. There is not too much technical jargon but enough intrigue and suspense to be enthralling. After certain facts are found out by Reacher he is told to not cover up the story but to change certain aspects of it – this is not in his nature and he turns a little rogue in the process.

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