The Christmas Cookie Killer By Livia J Washburn

OK, so because it is Christmas time I picked up a couple of cheesy looking mysteries with Christmas themes. This was certainly not a disappointment. I will be getting some of her other mysteries as I really enjoyed this one. There is an annual cookie exchange in a neighbourhood where many friends gather once a year. They each not only bring their cookies but also enter into a cookie contest at the local paper. As usual there are two or three that are outstanding but all enjoy each other’s company and of course the eating part.

About halfway through, the party the host realizes that her next door neighbor, who has been recuperating, needs to get a delivery of some of the cookies. She decides to take them straight over in case she forgets later on that day. Needless to say she walks in on a crime and actually is attacked by someone who probably has committed murder. Everyone who is present at the party is a friend and they cannot fathom any one of them doing something so heinous. As you can imagine we are thrown into the mystery, the people and a couple of other stories intertwined. This is a fun, fast moving story and a great introduction to the main characters who star in the other books Ms. Washburn has written. I will be reading them and reviewing them soon so we will learn more together. Moral: Don’t be afraid of picking up those wacky themed books!

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